Off to a slow start…well sort of.

Casual riding... note the shoes

A little background info…

Please note that I am playing catch up on events that have transpired over the last month and a half, so posting dates will not make sense at first.

I’m not new to cycling, but I am far from being a competative cyclist. I used to cycle extensively back in the days of steel bikes with stem shifters, but I took an extended break from the sport, only to find myself overweight and out of shape.

The time had come to make a conscious effort to get back in shape, especially with a four year old bundle of energy at home, and what better way is there than cycling.

I got back in the saddle a couple years back, choosing a hybrid bike, the Trek 7200. Although the roadbikes I saw were intoxicating, I decided baby steps were in order to get my legs back. I chose the 7200 as it was a true Jack of all trades, functioning as a great trainer and familiy bike. I even mounted a Topeak child seat on the back.

To my surprise, my cycling legs came back quickly as I racked up a thousand miles in little time. I was consistently increasing my mileage and riding time and the pounds were coming off, but it was at a cost.

Although my 7200 was a joy to ride, I was expending far too much energy on it for the distances I was covering. Now some may say that the extra energy used equates to a better workout, but frankly it was really all lost energy as the geometry of the bike is not suited to extended rides. So it was time to start looking at road bikes.

The plan was to continue working on my endurance with the 7200, and step into a road bike by years end. But, as fate would have it, I was in my first cycling accident ever as a silver Chevy smacked into me while I was stationary and waiting for my light.

Luckily I was not seriously hurt, although the cuts and bruises did take the better part of the month to heal over, and to date the sprain in my hand still is painful, but my trusty 7200 was turned into a Dali-esque piece of modern art.

So here I sit, healed and itching to get back on two wheels and resume my quest of the vaunted century mark. There is only one problem… I don’t have a bike!


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