The choice narrows

Trek vs Giant

Please note that I am still playing catch up on these posts while getting used to WordPress. The chronology of events is correct, but the post dates are not.

I’ve narrowed down my selection from four to two bikes now. All four bikes proved to be extremely good, but, as was said in Highlander, “there can only be one”. My reasons for scratching them off my list is as follows:

Specialized Allez Elite Carbon: Very smooth riding bike with an ever so slightly less aggressive posture. The geometry of the bike leaves you sitting a bit more upright and relaxed as compared to the others. Although this makes for a very comfortable ride, it makes riding against the wind just a wee bit harder (Florida my be flat, but our constant breezes/wind can make it feel as though you are always riding uphill). Otherwise it really is a fantastic machine, except for the paint…. It’s just a boring monotone blue. I know that the bikes paint scheme will not have a physical affect on my goal of riding the century, but a little flash wouldn’t hurt. So Specialized is out.

Cannondale CAAD9 6: Extremely nice bike with absolutely no faults. The geometry and component set was spot on, heck even the all white paint scheme looked really sharp, but, and it’s a really big but, I felt as though the support from the LBS offering this bike was not up to par with the other contenders. All things being equal, this bike would still be on my list.

So that leaves the Trek 1.5 and the Giant Defy 2. Both incredibly good, dare I say sexy, machines, at a very competitive price. In fact price wise it’s a wash with only a $1 difference between them. I’m favoring the Trek for a couple of reasons, first off, I have had a very good experience with Trek (my destroyed 7200 was a very good bike), and secondly, my local Trek store offers exceptional service. The Giant is extremely good, and I can get local support for it, but I can not purchase the bike locally (go figure).

Decisions, decisions …..

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