And so it begins…

Can a bike be sexy? This one certainly fits the bill.

I took delivery of my very wicked yet sexy looking Trek 1.5 earlier today. The satin black with white and silver highlights really looks sharp. Kind of reminds me of a very streamlined killer whale. Hmmm, I guess I’ll call her Orca.

Orca was built and dialed in for me by the techs at Trek this morning. The fitting was actually kind of fun as you spin like crazy while everything is adjusted and fine tuned. I went ahead and picked up the red Shield program (an extended warrantee) as well as a new pair of gloves. Electronics will be added later this week when my CatyEye Strada Double Wireless comes in. BTW I’ll be using the aforementioned  CatEye in conjunction with Cyclemeter on my iPhone to track, analyze and report all my rides as I work towards that century mark.

Once dialed in, I headed home to put a few quick miles on her. It is such a huge difference riding this bike vs my old hybrid, so much so that I’m going to have to take it slow the first week or so just to get used to it, as well as get my butt used to the new saddle.

So my friends, today officially marks the start of my quest to ride a century within a years time. Stay tuned for all the updates, comments and whatever off the wall thoughts pop into my head as I pedal my way to the century mark.


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