Six mile cypress run

The Six Mile Cypress Slough

Another short break-in ride on Orca. This time a cruise down Six Mile Cypress to Daniels and back.

The bike is feeling better with each ride as I get more familiar with the riding posture, the shoes and saddle. Curiously I was feeling some fatigue in my feet, but I realized it was due to clenching my feet (I must have thought they would slip off the pedals). Once I relaxed them, the fatigue went away. I’m a little sore in the tush, but that is expected as both the saddle and my seat have to make nice and get used to one another. To help, I ordered a couple pair of new cycling shorts. I’ll report on those when they come in.

Otherwise it was a nice relaxed ride down Six Mile Cypress and back. By the way, if you are ever down in the area, make the time to visit the six mile cypress nature center. It’s a nine mile long linear park/ecosystem right in the middle of Fort Myers with a nature center and miles of boardwalks to get up close to nature.

Route: Six Mile Cyprus to Daniels
Activity: Cycle
Started: Oct 1, 2010 9:11:04 AM
Ride Time: 52:44
Stopped Time: 19:18
Distance: 13.00 miles
Average: 14.79 miles/h
Fastest Speed: 19.78 miles/h
Climb: 217 feet
Calories: 764
Official Route: No


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