“The older you get the stronger the wind gets – and it’s always in your face.”

The winding bike paths at Lakes Regional Park

Pablo Picasso could not have been more spot on with that quote. Today’s ride was a blustery round trip to Lakes Regional Park. It was nice to get back in the saddle after a 2 day break (busy weekend left no time for cycling). I had planned on another 10 or so mile ride, but I had lots of energy remaining at the turn around point, so I decided to do my old stand by run to Lakes Park. What I did not take into account was the deceptive wind we have here in Florida.

It’s not the first nor will it be the last time that a favorable wind makes me go out further than what I am ready for. Todays wind was a constant 13 mph with 20+ mph gusts. So obviously the downwind portion of the ride was…… bad pun time…. a breeze, but the return ride against the wind was like a constant climb. I guess in retrospect it was a another good tune-up ride.

Route: Lakes Park
Activity: Cycle
Started: Oct 4, 2010 9:22:12 AM
Ride Time: 1:43:44
Stopped Time: 15:09
Distance: 24.39 miles
Average: 14.11 miles/h
Fastest Speed: 20.43 miles/h
Climb: 122 feet
Calories: 1667
Official Route: No

If you ever visit Fort Myers, be sure to reserve a day for Lakes Regional Park. It’s is a 279 acre facility located in the heart of Fort Myers. The park, one of my families favorite weekend destinations, sports a 158 acre freshwater lake for fishing, and canoeing (great place to watch gators in the wild too). 2.5miles of paved paths for running, roller blades and biking, as well as two great playgrounds and two water playgrounds for the kids. There are also picnic areas, concession stands, miniature train ride, boat rentals and showers. Altogether, a great place to take the family and a great midway point to a ride.


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