Orca rests, I play

The only bike I ever rode at Disney was bolted to the ground

Orca will be resting safely in the garage for the next few days as my family and I head off for some magical fun at Disney World. I actually thought about bringing my bike along, but who am I kidding, with all the stuff to do at Disney, plus the food and Wine Festival, there will be no time to ride, not to mention that Disney has no real bike routes/trails as all it’s roadways are rather narrow and principally designed to move people in busses quickly from one point to another. Heck even sleep will be a premium with the parks staying open till 2 AM.

Well at least I’ll get a lot of walking in. It is estimated that the average Disney guests walks 10 miles a day per park. EPCOT guest can easily walk more than 15 miles. This is why EPCOT is actually an acronym for “Every Person Comes Out Tired”. Kind of makes you wonder how people can wear flip-flops and/or heals to the parks. Who knows, I might be able to squeeze in some time on a spin bike at the resorts fitness center….on second thought, that extra hour of sleep may be too precious to give up.

Until then, have a zip-a-dee-doo-dah day!


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