I’m back in the saddle again

Misting station on one of the many miles of paths at Lakes Regional Park
I’m back in the saddle after an extended 11 day break for some Disney fun and some out of town work. It was an absolutely amazing fall day here in Florida with not a cloud in the sky, a gentle breeze and a temperature hovering around 80 degrees. In fact the day was so nice it felt like the entire city was out enjoying it as traffic was crazy (we are entering into snow bird season) and the bike paths were full of cyclists, joggers, skaters and families just strolling along. I don’t know how many times I said “on your left” today, but I really have no complaints as it is wonderful to see everyone out being active and enjoying the day. It’s about time to modify my rides to bike lanes instead of paths as the congestion on them, like today’s, can really slow you down.

Today’s ride was to Lakes Regional Park again (it was packed as its Halloween celebration was going full tilt) with the return ride via the Linear Park. The ride felt great even with the congestion slow downs. I was also breaking in a new kit as I ordered a bunch of new shorts and jerseys while on my break. I have to admit the Bellweather Axion shorts were very comfortable (no need for any chamois cream) as well as the Louis Garneau Classique jersey.

Route: Lakes Regional via 6 mile Cypress and return via Linear Park
Activity: Cycle
Started: Oct 16, 2010 11:43:06 AM
Ride Time: 1:54:09
Stopped Time: 28:46
Distance: 25.43 miles
Average: 13.36 miles/h
Fastest Speed: 21.00 miles/h
Climb: 308 feet
Calories: 1632
Official Route: No


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