Smooth, flat, little traffic and great bike lanes. Tree Line Ave. was made for road bikes.

A new route today down Tree Line Ave. Thirteen miles of low traffic smooth rolling road with full bike lanes…this is what Orca was made for. Unfortunately the construction on Colonial prevents me from riding directly to Tree Line, but I caught a quick lift from my wife to avoid the construction death zone. I have to admit it was just dumb luck that my home has such great cycling access. Nothing beats just being able to jump on your bike and ride, not having to worry about bike racks and packing gear is a win.

Riding on the road is intoxicating. It’s smooth, generally well maintained (here in Ft Myers the road cleaner is always on the job), obstruction free, fast, and thrilling, especially when larger vehicles drive past you at over double your speed. Ok I know that might scare some, but the air wake they leave really pulls you along (and no, contrary to popular myths, you do not get sucked in as a large vehicle passes you at a higher rate of speed) giving you mini boosts. It is also very safe as the vehicles have a very clear view of you from quite a distance off, especially if you are in a really loud kit (the louder the better).

I’m going to slowly start extending my mileage now as Orca and I have become pretty good friends (the old sit bones are getting very used to the saddle now). I’m pouring over google maps finding good cycling routes throughout SW FL and entering them into my GPS for future rides. By the way, Google Maps is extremely cycling friendly as it actually marks cycling lanes and trails, plus turn by turn cycling directions. Just go to and give it a try, you will discover a whole new playground out there.

Overall it was a good exploratory ride. There was a nagging ENE breeze, which did not favor either direction of my ride, but I guess I’m getting used to it (at least it wasn’t gusting in the mid 20 mph range like on previous rides).

Route: Tree Line
Ride Time: 1:53:14
Stopped Time: 33:45
Distance: 28.32 miles
Average: 15.01 miles/h
Fastest Speed: 21.01 miles/h
Climb: 128 feet
Calories: 1843


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