One Mississippi, two Mississippi…

Restless spirits were around nearly every bend.

Working on cadence today. As I mentioned in a previous post, cadence is the number of revolutions of the crank per minute. In other words, the speed at which a cyclist is pedaling. Cadence is similar in some ways to wheel speed, but is a distinct measurement, not to be mistaken with overall speed. The wide range of gears we have available on our bikes allows us to maintain our cadence sweet spot at a wide range of speeds.

It is said that recreational cyclists typically maintain a cadence of 60–80 rpm; racing cyclists around 80–120 rpm and sprinters up to 170 rpm for short bursts. Everyone has a sweet spot where you are at the highest efficiency, for example Lance, the cycling God, Armstrong maintains a very high cadence of 110 rpm. It seems as though mine currently is around 88, but I’d like to work on that an bring it up into the 90’s. I’m going to be focusing on this more than distance and speed and perhaps toss in a longer ride on weekends.

Today’s ride was the old stand-by to Lakes Regional Park (it looks like the GPS lost some tracking, but it’s overall mileage and speed readings were very close to the CatEye computer on my bike). Another perfect cycling day today, but since its the middle of the week, there was little congestion to deal with on the paths. Lakes Park is looking very spooky as Halloween approaches. They have their pumpkin patch as well as many other halloween geared events going on now. I’m going to have to take my family their this weekend.

Route: Lakes Regional Park via Six Mile Cypress
Activity: Cycle
Started: Oct 20, 2010 8:58:42 AM
Ride Time: 1:46:40
Stopped Time: 16:04
Distance: 25.12 miles
Average: 14.13 miles/h
Fastest Speed: 20.58 miles/h
Climb: 210 feet
Calories: 1141
Official Route: No


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