9 Waves, 3 Thank You’s, 7 Dirty Looks, and 1 Bird

Snowbird migrations patterns in the United States of Florida

Tis the season for the Snowbirds to begin their annual migration to Florida. It’s kind of a love hate relationship we have with them. We love them for the boost they give to the local economy and their cultural diversity, but we hate them for the congestion and crappy driving habits they bring. Simple cross town drives can easily take over four times longer now as our winter guests aimlessly meander their way around town.

As a cyclist, I’ve noticed a frank deterioration of the motorists general awareness of fellow cyclists on the road, as well as all regularly posted traffic signs and signals. Kind of makes you wonder if they drive at all back up north. Today’s blog title is an actual count of the number of times I waved or thanked a motorist, as well as the number of times I had to stare them down or frankly result to the universal sign of displeasure. I notice myself not just looking at the cars as I approach an intersection, but also the actual driver, to see if they are the least bit aware of their surroundings, or driving with blinders as the typical Snow bird does. I often wish road bikes came equipped with a giant air horn….that would certainly get their attention!

Well enough griping. Here is some good news/milestones. Orca and I just crossed the 200 mile mark. Not counting the vacation and business trips, it took approximately nine days… not too bad considering I am breaking in a completely new bike. Also, and of much more importance, I did an official weigh in and have lost 8 pounds. It’s still not the 13 pounds I gained convalescing after the accident, but at least it’s a big dent into it.

Today’s ride was a rinse and repeat from yesterday’s ride. The return trip was against extremely gusty winds.

Route: Lakes Regional Park via Six Mile Cypress
Activity: Cycle
Started: Oct 22, 2010 9:42:20 AM
Ride Time: 1:42:01
Stopped Time: 23:48
Distance: 24.31 miles
Average: 14.30 miles/h
Fastest Speed: 20.69 miles/h
Climb: 230 feet
Calories: 1546
Official Route: No


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