Where did our Fall go?

A small gator was confused by the summer like day today, as he was toasting on the embankment at the park.

Ok, perhaps here in SW Florida our leaves don’t turn into spectacular colors and fall to the ground, and perhaps we don’t have that crisp cool temperature found up north, and perhaps our autumn tends to be a wee bit greener than every one else’s, but at least we have a little relief from the 90+ degree heat and humidity of the summer…or so we thought.

Mother nature pulled a fast one on us and shifted us right back into summer. Not only is it in the 90’s outside, but even the prevailing wind has shifted back to our typical SSE summer pattern, bringing back all that high humidity we “love” so much. Even the moon was confused as it was out this morning when I started my ride, and is still out there now!

I guess if we were up north, we’d be all happy, bragging about about the wonderful Indiana Summer weather, but this is Florida folks. Our most disliked time of year is the summer (that is unless you are a tourist briefly enjoying the sauna like conditions of Florida), and we really look forward to Fall, Winter and Spring (well not that those seasons exist here, we basically have Summer, Hurricane Season, and Snow Bird Season). So please mother nature, get your act in gear and give us back our Fall.

Today’s sweat soaked ride was to Lakes Park again. I’m anxiously waiting for the road construction to finish up on Colonial so that I can get back on the road lanes vs the paths.

Route: Lakes Park via Six Mile Cypress
Activity: Cycle
Started: Oct 26, 2010 9:29:43 AM
Ride Time: 1:43:38
Stopped Time: 17:58
Distance: 25.00 miles
Average: 14.48 miles/h
Fastest Speed: 22.33 miles/h
Climb: 128 feet
Calories: 1609
Official Route: No


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