The Hibernation Ends

Vintage me back in the mid 60's on my red Schwinn. Note the color coordinated training wheels.

After 2 months full of holiday’s, work, bad weather, colds, and a bunch of other lame excuses, I’m back to training. The biggest reason for not riding has been cold morning (by cold I mean sub 50° mornings) which are normally uncommon during the mild winters we have here in FL, but for whatever reason, the last two winters have been a bit on the chilly side (I blame Tom…inside joke few will get). I’ve been very reluctant to buy cold weather riding gear, but if this trend is going to continue I’ll have to bite the bullet and get some.

The temperature at the start of today’s ride was 54°. By rides end it was 72°. I used a riding jacket I picked up late last year from Performance Bicycle. Although it is basically a “windbreaker” with a cycling jersey cut and fleece collar, I did not feel any chill whatsoever. In fact, I was almost too warm as the jacket does not breathe as well as I had hoped.

I did my old standard 25 mile ride to Lakes Regional Park and back. All in all it felt pretty good, but then again I did take a leisure pace to get re-accustomed to my bike. I’m sure the old sit bones will be a bit sore.

Route: Lakes Regional Park
Activity: Cycle
Started: Jan 31, 2011 9:00:46 AM
Ride Time: 1:50:14
Stopped Time: 10:04
Distance: 25.07 miles
Average: 13.64 miles/h
Fastest Speed: 26.38 miles/h
Climb: 62 feet
Calories: 2017
Official Route: No


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