Cloud Racing, Conspiracy Theories and Aliens

Granola and water break. The wind was so strong it blew away my water bottle.

Ok so I missed a few rides last week. I had forgotten that it was Grandparents week at my son’s school, which had me tied up with all kinds of early morning activities. Add a trip to the Naples Zoo and the Superbowl to the mix, and I missed out on a lot of riding. No regrets though as it was fun to have the Grandparents stay with us…ok one regret…it was non stop eating all the time they were here.

So it was back on the bike with a vengeance today, or so I thought. No sooner had I turned onto my normal route, when I quickly realized that my old nemesis, the wind, was up to no good. The wind was blowing at 19mph sustained with gusts near 30mph and it was hitting me head on for the entire first half of the ride. I really felt as though I was climbing non stop for the first 10 miles. The gusts were strong enough to require quick steering corrections!

Upon reaching my midway point at Lakes Regional Park, I did my usual and customary cool down laps, and then decided to refill my tank with a granola break. I found a nice out of the way picnic shelter to relax a bit, when out of nowhere a gentleman in business attire, who will for simplicity sake be known as creepy guy, approached me and asked if I was interested in reading some alternative views about 911. Being caught slightly off guard, I casually responded that I would gladly review his material, but only if he was interested  in hearing about my alien abduction. Needless to say, he quickly walked away…and to think I didn’t even get to mention the part about anal probes!

After my break I was looking forward to the ride home, knowing that I’d have some serious fun riding with the strong winds at my back. Maintaining speeds above 20mph took no effort whatsoever. The most curious aspect was, that although I was hitting speeds in the mid 20mph range, the cloud shadows were still passing me as if i was standing still. In fact they were giving the cars on Six Mile Cyprus a good run for their money. It was almost as if I was racing the clouds…and losing badly.

Route: Lakes Regional Park
Activity: Cycle
Started: Feb 7, 2011 10:31:15 AM
Ride Time: 1:48:53
Stopped Time: 1:11:30
Distance: 23.94 miles
Average: 13.19 miles/h
Fastest Speed: 25.18 miles/h
Climb: 178 feet
Calories: 1858
Official Route: No


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