May the Force be with You

Security at Disney's Hollywood Studios was tightly controlled by Imperial Storm Troopers

I squeezed in a late morning ride before preparing to head off to enjoy another Star Wars weekend at Disney World. For those of you not familiar with Star Wars Weekend, it’s an annual special event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park that celebrates the legendary Star Wars Saga and the animated television series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday of each weekend, you can join celebrities and characters for special shows, panels, presentations and more!

The park is enveloped in the Star Wars mythos, dividing it into the Rebel Base and the Imperial Sector. Characters from all six movies as well as the animated series roam freely among the park, interacting with guests while staying perfectly in character all the time. Storm Troopers will spontaneously pick fights with light saber yielding younglings , Tusken Raiders will unexpectedly attack you, Ewoks will play and dance with you, Ahsoka will befriend and protect you, even the dreaded Lord Vader might use the dark side energy against you and make you submit to his will. You have to expect the unexpected as nothing is scripted and frankly, the characters, err I mean aliens, enjoy the hijinks as much, if not more than you do.

To make this years celebration a little more special, Star Tours has reopened (finally) and has been transformed into a 3D adventure which is different every time you ride it (well almost, but you’ll have to ride it over 100 times for the experience to repeat). Even if you are not a fan of Star Wars, the activity and excitement, in particular the pomp and circumstance of the celebrity motorcade and the non stop energy of the Hyperspace Hoopla closing ceremonies will bring a huge smile to your face. Be sure to add this to your bucket list, as it really is not to be missed.

So a quick recap of today’s ride, as my son is urging me to hurry up or we’ll miss R2D2. Just my normal 30 miler down Treeline. A bit gusty, as the wind did not favor either directions of travel, but otherwise a good ride after skipping last Wednesday’s ride to let my sore sit bones rest (an unwelcomed result of not riding for 15 days and then piling on 70 miles). Here’s a couple of quick video grabs of the ride. Some day I’m going to mount my cam on the bike and record an entire ride.

Route: Treeline
Ride Time: 2:13:42
Stopped Time: 30:27
Distance: 30.21 miles
Average: 13.56 miles/h
Fastest Speed: 21.46 miles/h
Ascent: 96 feet
Descent: 75 feet
Calories: 1270


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