Back on Planet Earth

The Jedi's were out in "Force" over the weekend

Back on planet Earth after a very fun filled extended weekend at Disney and the Grandparents. Star Wars Weekend was a huge hit with my son, as we saw pretty much every creature and alien from the Star Wars universe and highly vaunted front row seats for the Hyper Space Hoopla. We even got in some quality time with Phineas and Ferb (even stranger beings from the Disney Universe). We now sadly take a break from Disney as our seasonal passes are blacked out, but frankly, you have to be a little warped and a glutton for punishment to visit Disney World between late June and the end of August. The heat and humidity is off the chart and the parks are far too crowded.

So back on the bike today to battle the heat and wind. I was shooting for an extended ride, but I kept on meeting up with other riders and stuck to my standard 30 miles route down Treeline. It was a hot, but near perfect day as Treeline was literally filled with riders. I even saw a tandem road bike out there moving at a very good clip. I’m seriously considering getting some aero bar extensions to help cheat the wind some more.

Here are today’s numbers…

Route: Treeline
Ride Time: 2:00:52
Stopped Time: 18:54
Distance: 30.36 miles
Average: 15.07 miles/h
Fastest Speed: 21.33 miles/h
Ascent: 205 feet
Descent: 144 feet
Calories: 2020


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