The view from the drivers seat, as I race my shadow down Treeline.

I’m feeling just a wee bit intimidated after watching the Tour de France TTT’s over the weekend. Team Garmin-Cervélo crushed the 23K race with an unheard of average speed of 55.6KM/h. For us metrically impaired Yanks, that’s an average speed of 34.5 MPH for 14 miles on a narrow twisting course with a 12 MPH wind to boot! On certain stretches they were hitting speeds in excess of 40 MPH (yes MPH not KPH).

If that does not sound like much I challenge you to get on a bike and try it. Granted these are the cream of the crop when it comes to professional cyclists, but it is still an awe-inspiring effort. The absolute best speed I can do is in the low 30 MPH range, and that is with no wind and only for a very short period. The thought of keeping an average pace above 30 MPH for a long duration just boggles the mind.

Congratulations are in order for Team Garmin-Cervélo (yes this is an American team, one of four currently in the tour) as well as for Tyler Farrar, also from Team Garmin-Cervélo, and an American, for winning his first stage of the Tour de France. Way to bring it home and cap off a great 4th of July!

Now back in my world, I continue to race my shadow (I can never seem to beat it) down my favorite cycling boulevard. I’m going to inch up the weekly milage to 100 miles per week and try to maintain over 400 miles per month for the rest of the summer. Lets see if i can melt off a good amount of weight for the start of fall and then start riding some serious miles.

Route: Treeline
Ride Time: 1:58:42
Stopped Time: 36:23
Distance: 30.33 miles
Average: 15.33 miles/h
Fastest Speed: 20.13 miles/h
Ascent: 217 feet
Descent: 181 feet
Calories: 1950


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