New Riding Schedule

Another view from the drivers seat, this time of the motor.

As I briefly mentioned in the last post, I’m increasing my mileage to 400 miles or greater per month during these summer months. I’ll be alternating 30 and 20 mile rides during the week to hit 100 miles, and if time permits I’ll squeeze in a couple of longer rides on the weekend. This new schedule combined with the heat and humidity should get me down rather quickly to a more desirable competition weight. Once cooler weather sets in, I’ll tackle the well established high mileage routes in the glades as well as around Okeechobee. If all works out well, and nothing wears out on me, I should be able to officially compete in my first century ride during the Tour of the Cape in Cape Coral come January.

Today’s ride was a shorter, higher effort ride down Treeline to GCTC. No favorable winds at all, but I still kept an average speed above 16MPH with peak speeds near 22 MPH (as recorded by my CatsEye, GPS readings are slightly lower do to a different slow down/stop algorithm) for the duration of the ride.

Route: Treeline GCTC
Ride Time: 1:22:53
Stopped Time: 1:03:00
Distance: 21.76 miles
Average: 15.76 miles/h
Fastest Speed: 21.51 miles/h
Ascent: 175 feet
Descent: 195 feet
Calories: 1451


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