Random Quips and a Donut Update

Although it was a short ride, a hydration break is still welcomed.
I snuck in a quick 22 mile ride before the daily deluge this morning. Good thing too as it is pouring out there now, but in typical Florida fashion, the sun will be out shortly and bake all that water into our ever popular humidity, and we all love our humidity (extreme sarcasm).

I really need to find some sort of wicking cap/band to wear under my helmet to help reduce the constant sunscreen infused sweat pouring into my eyes. It really stings, even when using a no tear sunscreen like Water Babies. The terry inserts of my riding gloves have become bleached from mopping up my brow sweat!

I also really need to clean my bike up and give it some inclement weather maintenance. That lovely black satin finish has been converted to a grayish patina with random road debris intermixed with black greasy dots. I’ve been avoiding it due to all the rain, but it’s really becoming quite an eyesore. Not to mention that every time I lift it off and onto the wall rack, I have to break out some degreaser to clean my hands! Looks like I have something to do tomorrow morning.

It’s been a while since I broke out the donut meter, but here goes… 1402 miles ridden which equates to 375.18 donuts burned, 374.90 TV’s powered, 73.79 gallons of gas saved and 0.06 times around the world. But the best stat is 22lbs lost!

Here are today’s numbers…

Route: Treeline GCTC
Ride Time: 1:30:28
Stopped Time: 40:45
Distance: 22.53 miles
Average: 14.95 miles/h
Fastest Speed: 19.84 miles/h
Ascent: 304 feet
Descent: 209 feet
Calories: 1522


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