Post Ride Casualty

My bikes chain ring went through my shoe like butter
I looks like the 6 gashes in my right ankle are not the only souvenir from yesterday’s eventful 50 miler… While cleaning all the road debris from my bike this morning (pain in the ass as I had to degrease all components and clean them with a toothbrush to get all the crap out), I noticed that the mis-clip leading to my bike biting me also split the heel of my riding shoe in half. Not only that, but the cleat on the shoe is actually bent!

Apparently my bike would have bit me substantially harder had the shoe not softened it a bit. Pissed as I am that I need to get new shoes now, I’m grateful that they absorbed the blow. It’s curious though that I didn’t notice the shoe was split during the ride. I guess the sting of the bite, plus the soaking masked the lack of heal support in the shoe.

Too bad the shoe won’t heal like the gashes (which, by the way, are all nicely scabbed over). Looks like it’s time to fire up the internet and shop for new shoes.


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