It’s Alive!!!

My Frankenstein-esque shoe may not look pretty, but it's still long as the stitches hold.
While shopping online last night for replacement cycling shoes, I took another look at my “buzz sawed” right shoe and realized that the damage to it might just be repairable…especially since I didn’t feel like dropping a few hundred dollars on a new pair of shoes. The cleat was misaligned, not bent. It just needed to be re-adjusted and tightened down. The sliced heel cup looked terrible, but the integral carbon and nylon housing was still intact. The actual cut was restricted to the heel rake alone, which meant there was a chance to save it.

I broke out an old suturing set from my med school days, set up a mini operating theater, put on a pair of magnifying lenses and set about dropping a neat line of sutures up the heel rake (I guess all those long hours of ER rotations did come in handy). A half hour or so later I exclaimed, in my best Colin Clive Voice, “It’s alive! It’s Alive!” It may be a little Frankenstein-esque, but it looked structurally sound, while still preserving comfort. The real test would come with use.

I’m happy to report my patient performed above and beyond all expectations, holding up well on this morning’s 30 mile ride without a hitch. I guess it pays to be cheap!

Today’s money saving ride was my standard 30 miler down Treeline. I think I’m going to take a page from my friend Garth’s book and assign names to my standard rides. From now on the 20 mile run will be known as the GCTC-20, the 30 miler as the Miromar-30 and the 50 miler as the Coconut-50 (all named after the turn around points which curiously are large retail centers). BTW the bike bite to my right ankle is a little black and blue but it’s healing up well.

Route: Miromar-30
Ride Time: 2:01:20
Stopped Time: 33:03
Distance: 29.85 miles
Average: 14.76 miles/h
Fastest Speed: 23.44 miles/h
Ascent: 192 feet
Descent: 134 feet
Calories: 1862


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