The virtually traffic free roads of the Coconut-40 are rode cycling nirvana

I had planned for a 50 mile ride today, but while in the middle of my pre-ride ritual (some day I’ll list out all the basic prep I do before a ride) a neighbor from down the block dropped by with many questions about rode cycling. Apparently he has been spinning for a while and has gotten quite bored with it, opting instead for the open road and a real bike. He knew I rode very regularly and wanted to know if he could join me in my rides. I said he was welcomed to join me anytime and mentioned that just yesterday I had found a new riding partner…the more the merrier. His big concern is staying up with me, but with all that spinning under his belt, I’m sure he’ll do fine.

Due to this visit, I got a late start for my planned 50+ mile ride. I made adjustments to the ride to avoid the mid afternoon heat, and the forecasted afternoon thunderstorms. Instead of riding the pervious Coconut-50, today’s ride was directly to Coconut Point and back, which curiously turned out to be approximately 40 miles, hence the new name Coconut-40.

While mapping out today’s ride last night, I received a newsletter from my local Trek store updating the events calendar. Apparently there is an interesting ride on October 2nd known as the Rails to Trails Bike Ride, on the Withlacooche (go ahead and try saying that without smiling) State Trail, a paved 46 mile long converted railroad track (the longest in Florida). The curious aspect of the event is that you can determine your own ride distance and an 8 mile road loop extension will be added for those wanting to turn it into a full century ride. I’m definitely adding this to my schedule, but not as a full century. Perhaps a metric century instead.

Today’s slightly shorter than planned ride was hot. I’m going to have to carry some hydration in powder form on these longer rides as the two bottles I carry are no where near sufficient hydration for anything over 30 miles, especially with the Florida sun in overdrive. The healing hot spot held up pretty well, but by the time I was nearing the end of the ride, they were getting a little sore. I think this had to do more with the 6 day break than the actual saddle sore. It’s curious how fast you get unaccustomed to the saddle.

Here are today’s numbers…

Route: New Coconut-40
Ride Time: 2:46:13
Stopped Time: 36:01
Distance: 41.04 miles
Average: 14.81 miles/h
Fastest Speed: 22.61 miles/h
Ascent: 281 feet
Descent: 224 feet
Calories: 2430


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