Sit Bones, Love Bugs & Naked Cycling

Scantily clad cyclists enjoying the great outdoors... notice I did not say naked.

While looking at the usage stats from my cycling blog last night, I was surprised to see that my readership has increased significantly from a few dozens per month to hundreds per month. I’m flattered and sincerely honored that you allow me to bring a little of my world and cycling hijinks into your busy life. Thank you and welcome back!

Many of you are friends, both old and new, particularly from FaceBook. Some are friends I’ve made while cycling, but an ever increasing number of readers are from the vast reaches of the Interwebs. Being the curious sort, and armed with a really good stats tracker, I decided to take a look and learn something about you.

As it turns out, the majority of you are from the good old USA, followed closely by a strong British contingent with Australia and the Netherlands making a strong showing. I’m also getting a good number of visits from France, Romania, Russia and Poland (Welcome, G’day, Welkom, Bienvenue, Bun Venit, добро пожаловать and Powitanie to all).

It really got interesting when I went to see how you found my little cycling hacienda on the web. As it turns out, the most popular search phrase used was sit bones. Definitely a good sign as that is a good solid cycling term (always good to know fellow cyclists are reading my blog), but from that point on, the search words really got….shall I say intriguing?

The second most used search phrase was love bug, those sex-crazed bugs and their flights of fancy which all Floridian’s love to hate, followed by, of all things naked cycling. Naked cycling? Did I actually write about naked cycling? I definitely have no recollection of ever riding naked (the thought of riding naked on a road bike with our ass-hatchet like seats would not be high on my bucket list). The fourth most used phrase was peeing cyclists. Ok, at least that is back on the subject of cycling.

Included in the list were the phrases like saddle sores, bontrager shoes, John Yarbrough linear park, Trek 1.5, FSA cranks, wookies, century rides, Tour de France, Herbie the love bug, tan lines, donuts and a whole lot of references to Cork, Ireland including; naked bike ride cork, naked cycling cork, naked bike run cork, naked people in cork, world naked cycling day in cork, naked cyclists to take to cork’s streets (cork is quite the popular place… might have to check it out some time).

So what did I learn from all these stats? Well, first off that the world is not as big as it used to be. Just a couple of clicks on a computer can connect you to anyone, anywhere in the world. I also learned that you have many interests, some of which we share (ok naked cycling would be kind of fun given the right circumstances). It also curiously confirms an old trick long used by web designers to drive traffic to a site by incorporating provocative words, images and phrases in a web site and its meta tags.

Rest assured I would never stoop to doing cheap tricks things like mentioning the word naked 30 times or posting provocative pictures like this…

We like bikes too, especially when they come in assorted colors!

….or would I???

So today’s fully clothed ride was the Miromar-30. With the heat index in triple digits riding naked (oops make that 31 times) just might have been an effective way to beat the heat.

Route: Miromar-30
Ride Time: 1:57:56
Stopped Time: 45:43
Distance: 29.94 miles
Average: 15.23 miles/h
Fastest Speed: 21.07 miles/h
Ascent: 392 feet
Descent: 355 feet
Calories: 1695


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