Señor J and the Wind

Señor J got a good taste of windy cycling today. Although not nearly as bad as yesterday, we still had to deal with a 12-15MPH headwind on the return ride. I let him take the lead a bit so that he could feel first hand how much the wind can impact your ride. He’s normally tucked behind my wheel drafting in my slipstream. Needless to say he was surprised at the marked increase in resistance needed to maintain ones headway. He felt first hand the huge benefit of drafting. You can hear and see the wind gusts buffeting the cam in the video below.

Irene’s winds hopefully will subside by the end of the day as we have a 40 mile ride planned for tomorrow and a 36 mile group ride with Trek on Sunday. That will be close to 100 miles this weekend for Señor J. A bit challenging for a new rider, but he has the determination…stay tuned for updates.

Today’s ride was a quick GCTC-20…I have to break Señor J in slowly after all!

Route: GCTC-20
Ride Time: 1:30:13
Stopped Time: 43:26
Distance: 23.09 miles
Average: 15.35 miles/h
Fastest Speed: 20.01 miles/h
Ascent: 72 feet
Descent: 33 feet
Calories: 1215


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