“Everything Hurt Me”

We tested Señor J’s legs today with a 40 mile ride to Coconut Point and back. The day didn’t exactly cooperate as it was extremely hot (high 90’s with >100° heat index) and rather windy with a 15 MPH headwind on the return leg, but he held up very well, even if everything hurts.

Another bike bite....my bike loves me.

Curiously though, the only one to get hurt was me as I mis-clipped again with my right leg and ended up with another love bite from my bike, right atop the previous one. Oh well, it’s a scar I wear proudly.

The Trek group ride is tomorrow at 7:00 AM. It’s scheduled to be a 36 mile ride from the Estero store to and around the airport. Last weeks turn out was over 80 riders strong, so we should get some good first time peloton riding practice for the both of us…I can’t wait!

Route: Coconut-40
Ride Time: 2:39:13
Stopped Time: 59:14
Distance: 40.01 miles
Average: 15.08 miles/h
Fastest Speed: 27.38 miles/h
Ascent: 203 feet
Descent: 68 feet
Calories: 2077


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