Milestone Ride, 2,000 Mile Mark.

2001 a cycling monoliths required

After three days of of being rained out, I finally got a chance to ride today and reach another little milestone, breaking the 2,000 mile mark on my bike.

That’s nearly enough miles to reach the the big puddle on the other side of this country! Well actually it’s enough to get me to Las Vegas, so it will be a few more rides before I can virtually reach the Pacific.

My main milestone of riding a century (100 miles in a day) is inching ever closer. I might just give it a try on October 2nd during the Rails to Trails Bike Ride in Whithlacoochee (I still smile when I say that), if not then, there’s the Iron Joe Turkey Ride on November 7th and Tour of the Cape come January.

In the mean time I’ll be participating in more event and group rides, as well as my always enjoyable rides with Señor J. Right now on the calendar I’ve penciled in the Trek sponsored group rides on every Sunday, the Moe’s Labor Day Ride, sponsored by Naples Velo, this Monday, the Whithlacoochee ride on Oct 2nd and the Trek Woman’s Cancer Awareness Ride on Oct 8th. It’s good to see the cycling calendar filling up!

So in honor of this milestone, lets revisit some fun stats for the 2,032 miles I have ridden. The donut count is now up to 575.86 donuts burned, 106.95 gallons of gas saved, 58.76 TV’s powered, and 0.08 trips around the world. Of course the most important stat is 25 lbs lost! Bring on the next 1,000!!!

Route: Coconut-40
Ride Time: 2:26:18
Stopped Time: 43:59
Distance: 40.86 miles
Average: 16.76 miles/h
Fastest Speed: 24.14 miles/h
Ascent: 171 feet
Descent: 136 feet
Calories: 1708


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