Señor J Returns, Arm Coolers, Armadillo Apocalypse and Wookie-no-more

Señor J sporting his Craft Body Control Arm Coolers

Señor J is back, and anxious as ever to get back on the bike. I think he called me as soon as his flight touched down to make sure we were riding this morning. It’s good to have him back, as riding with friends is always much more enjoyable than riding alone. Welcome back Señor J…and thanks for the wonderful bottle of spiced rum! It’s the perfect after ride recovery drink 🙂

On my last post I made a brief mention of a pair of arm coolers from Craft I’m trying out. They are basically a compression sleeve, running from your wrist to about mid bicep, featuring an “antimicrobial, six channeled hollow polyester filament designed to wick away your body moisture and release body heat while providing UPF 50 protection against the suns damaging rays”. That’s quite promis, particularly here in Florida, but after wearing them on the last two rides, all I can say is wow…they really do work very well.

Goodbye greasy sun screens and messy arms...arm coolers are amazing!

They are extremely light and easy to pull on and off, although I have to point out that the top seam is not made with elastic stitching and was uncomfortably tight until I snipped a couple of stitches out (in all actuality, some stitches popped when I pulled it over my bicep). Frankly it doesn’t even need the top seam as the compression fit will keep them in place all ride long. The combination of wicking material, tight fit and reflective white color really does keep your arms dry and cool. Best of all the UPF 50 protects you against the relentless sun we have down here…not to mention not having to slather up your arms in sunscreen anymore. Two big thumbs up on this product from both me and Mr. J.

Going off topic a bit, what’s up with the armadillos here in Florida. I counted 9 dead armadillos in the road on today’s ride. It’s not uncommon to see an occasional road kill on Tree Line Ave, but 9 armadillos in one night? Is it something in the water, or have they started playing their own version of armadillo frogger on the Florida highways? It was like a mini armadillo apocalypse out there today. Luckily the winged carrion corps will dispatch their remains quickly with their razor sharp beaks.

Clean up on isle 4....Florida Black Vultures make quick work of an armadillo

Speaking of razor sharp, I finally gave in to all the incessant teasing and badgering from fellow riders over my ‘wookie-fied” look while cycling. Yes, I embraced the inner cyclist in me, as well as the razor and said adieu to the man fur on my legs. I am now aerodynamically sound while cycling…well not really, but it sure is a whole lot cooler. I had originally planned on shearing my fur when competing in my first century ride, but with my increased participation in group and event rides, it was time to start looking more like a real road cyclist…not to mention the razzing was getting old.

Daddy no longer has chewbacca legs.

So I broke out the clippers and gave them a workout (mind you I’m of Spanish descent, so these gallego legs put up one heck of a fight). A few hours, yes hours, later, my legs relinquished their beloved fur to reveal the cyclist legs that lay hidden beneath them. With all the contorsions and acrobatics needed to perform the task, I now have a new found respect for all the women who routinely “weed-whack” themselves. I must say though, the end result actually does look “cleaner” and has the bonus of being much cooler while cycling.

I am now a proud member of the 100 plus year cycling tradition (or is it vanity, after all we know cyclists are not vain) of clean shaven legs, shearing away my fuzzy past to a more streamlined future. Lets see how long it takes Señor J to give in to the brothers Schick!

Route: Miromar-30
Ride Time: 1:52:20
Stopped Time: 1:06:56
Distance: 30.65 miles
Average: 16.37 miles/h
Fastest Speed: 24.12 miles/h
Ascent: 206 feet
Descent: 133 feet
Calories: 1617


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