Afternoon Ride

Señor J had some scheduling conflicts today forcing us to delay our morning ride and switch to an afternoon ride. The heat index was in the triple digit range and the sun was relentless as we pedaled our way through our 30 mile ride. It’s amazing how much riding conditions vary between the mornings and the afternoons this time of year. The typical morning is in the mid 70’s with a welcomed high dew point, and with the sun low on the horizon, it’s pretty much ideal for some long mileage. On the other hand, an afternoon ride is hot, dryer, particularly on the heated roadways and windier. Combine all that with the sun and you have very tasking riding conditions.

The ride was pretty much uneventful, until the end. Señor J had been taking the lead off and on during the ride. In the last few miles I took over the lead duty, passing him as he stretched his back out. I tucked into a tight aero position and knocked out the last few miles never dropping below 21 MPH.

When I got to the end of Tree Line, I looked back and didn’t see Señor J. The light was green so I proceeded across Colonial Blvd and waited a few minutes on the other side. I assumed he had turned into the Sweetbay Market, as we used to, so I slowly continued on, keeping an eye out for him. As I approached the end of the Sweetbay Market lot, an ambulance appeared headed towards Tree Line with it’s lights on and siren blaring. Starting to worry, particularly when the ambulance turned down Tree Line, I turned around and started sprinting back to the intersection.

As I approached the intersection, I saw a figure in red slowly riding his bike. I was Señor J, safe and sound. I asked what had happened and he replied he cramped up so bad that he had to stop, get off the bike and stretch a bit…most likely due to the heat. He had a good chuckle when I told him I thought the ambulance was for him…good lesson learned though, never drop your riding partner, and most importantly, yell loudly if your getting dropped.

Tomorrow we are going to attempt a metric century (62 miles) as a practice run for next weeks Walk, Wheel, & Wobble Charity event for Ataxia. As the goal is to test both our endurance for the even, we’ll be maintaining a slower pace with the emphasis placed on finishing the ride vs racing. We’ll get plenty of high speed action the following day with the Trek group ride.

Route: Miromar-30
Ride Time: 2:00:00
Stopped Time: 12:25
Distance: 31.66 miles
Average: 15.83 miles/h
Fastest Speed: 22.94 miles/h
Ascent: 66 feet
Descent: 53 feet
Calories: 1815


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