Bug Hors d’oeuvre and 40 is the new 30

Andrew Zimmern may like them, but don't!

After three plus years of cycling in Florida, I swallowed my first bug. It was inevitable. Barreling down nearly 4,000 miles of Florida roads and bike lanes with my mouth agape, it was only a matter of time before a wayward bug made it’s way into my mouth and down my gullet…and mind you, it put up a fight!

The last thing you expect while sprinting down the road at over 22MPH is for a UIO (unidentified insectoid object) to pop into the back of your throat. When it happens you instinctively cough, gag and spit simultaneously, right into the headwind, compounding the issue as you now not only have a bug in the back of your throat, but also a bunch of spit all over your face and jersey.

If your lucky, the reflex action dislodges the bug allowing you to turn your head and gracefully spit it out. Most likely though, the bug is at the point of no return, forcing you to swallow it down followed by a quick reach for your water bottle for a sports drink shooter to mask the creepy crawly sensation.

In my case it was the latter. That damn bug was destined to be an mini hors d’oeuvre no matter how much I coughed. I could actually feel it kicking, buzzing, fluttering around a bit (or whatever it is they do as a last act of defiance while being consumed by a much larger omnivore) before I could get it washed down with a few gulps of Powerade.

I guess its sacrifice was my gain, as I’m sure there had to be some minuscule caloric content to it…good thing it isn’t love bug season!

On another note, my 30 mile rides are getting too short. I feel as though I do not get a proper workout if I am not on the bike for a at least two hours, and 30 miles, even on a high cadence ride like today’s, takes no where near 2 hours to complete. I guess 40 is the new 30.

Route: New Route
Ride Time: 1:48:31
Stopped Time: 16:30
Distance: 31.23 miles
Average: 17.27 miles/h
Fastest Speed: 22.36 miles/h
Ascent: 93 feet
Descent: 33 feet
Calories: 1964


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