100th Post!

Today’s post marks my 100th post on the Century Trek Blog. Another mini milestone of sorts, especially since I do not consider myself a writer/blogger by any stretch of the imagination. What started 15 months ago as a personal motivational tool has hit the century mark, curiously beating me to my cycling century mark.

Before proceeding, a big thank you is in order to all who take the time to read my miscellaneous ramblings, or perhaps verborrheic ramblings might be a better term, on this site. I’m sincerely honored and flattered that you allow me to bring a little of my world and cycling hijinks into your busy life.

Now, not having a special topic prepared for this “momentous occasion”, I thought it would be fun to revisit some site stats again, as well as review some of the goals already reached.

Readership has actually been doubling per month! I was surprised when I first saw over a hundred readers in a month, but seeing nearly 600 was euphoric.

As I mentioned before on a previous post, many of you are friends, particularly from Facebook, but there continues to be an ever increasing number of readers from around the Interwebs. As always Google is the biggest referrer, but both Twitter and StumbleUpon (thank you to whomever submitted this site there) are creeping up. US readership still reigns supreme, but the UK and Aussie contingent is catching up followed by respectable showings from the Netherlands, Argentina, France and Ireland. Rounding out the top 25 are Romania, Poland and Russia.

As for the key words, sit bones, the oh so dreaded cyclists achilleas heel, continues to be the most common search term. It’s always good to see a cycling term be the top search word for a cycling based website. From that point on though, the “n-words” come up over and over again….. yes I’m talking about the words NAKED and  NUDE. For example, naked group, naked, naked run, naked cycling, group naked, naked bicycle, naked cyclist, naked bike ride cork, naked sport, cork naked bike ride, naked mile, nude bike, nude on bike, and the list goes on and on.

I’m still not exactly sure how all these naked and nude references point to this site. I still haven’t taken the naked cycling plunge (perhaps “plunging” while riding a bike naked is not very constructive or desirable), it’s not high on my bucket list, but I’m still looking out for the opportunity…NOT! So, for all you N-Word aficionados, here is a token of my gratitude…

Goal wise, I’m creeping up on that century ride. It will either occur the day after Thanksgiving (it is still not clear if it’s a metric or standard century ride) or the first weeks of January. I completed my first official metric century recently with the ataxia charity ride and have quite a few more penciled in before the years end.

Donut-wise, I’ve burnt 719.85, powered 1, 347 TV’s, traveled 1/10 around the world and saved 132.63 gallons of gas. More importantly, the donut around my waist is ever shrinking, as I’ve lost nearly 30 lbs since the start of the year.

I’ll be joining two local cycling clubs in the coming days which should lead to many new group rides and other cycling adventures…perhaps even a naked group ride 😉 Let’s see what the next 100 post will bring!

Route: Miromar-30
GRide Time: 1:47:44
Stopped Time: 25:20
Distance: 29.80 miles
Average: 16.60 mph
Fastest Speed: 21.96 mph
Ascent: 172 feet
Descent: 109 feet
Calories: 1740


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