The Ironic Mr. Murphy

After reading my post about the new tires, Señor J commented that he had no idea on how to change out a flat on his bike and if he ever did have a flat, he’d call in his SAG wagon for assistance, which is code for “honey come pick me up I have a flat”.

Flats are never fun, luckily they are not that difficult to repair. I mentioned to Señor J that we’d practice changing a simulated flat on his bike at the end of today’s ride. Little did we know that we would not have to schedule this training exercise as Mr. Murphy had a very ironic trick up both his sleeves for us.

On the return from our ride to Miromar, I got a rear puncture while turning onto Treeline from Daniels. We both chuckled and realized the perfect training opportunity was at hand, so I walked Señor J through all the steps of changing out a flat. Ironic as that was, Mr Murphy still had another surprise for us.

Señor J fixes a flat for the first time...on my bike no less.

We decided to tack on a little airport spin to our ride. We headed headlong into the wind, climbed the ramp to the departure terminal and coasted down to the old airport turnoff. As we made the turn and began another windward leg, my bike became unresponsive yet again. I looked down at the rear tire and sure enough it was flat again. A second flat in less than 5 miles….and at almost the exact same spot of my flat during a Trek group ride…hats off to you Mr Murphy, you have outdone yourself! Irony is certainly your middle name.

Flat number least this one provided a scenic vista of planes landing and departing from SWFL International Airport.

Señor J happily rolled up his sleeves again at the “unscheduled training exercise” (that my friends is the nice way of saying “F***ing flat again”) and quickly changed out the flat. He is now quite the hands on expert and understands first hand why I always carry two tubes and two canisters of CO2 in my seat bag.

Route: New Miromar-30, modified with a Three Oaks and Airport segment
Ride Time: 2:23:17
Stopped Time: 1:48:47
Distance: 38.86 miles
Average: 16.27 mph
Fastest Speed: 25.15 mph
Ascent: 3088 feet
Descent: 3036 feet
Calories: 2200


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