3,000 Miles

My goofy rendition of the 3,000 mile salute.
I reached another little milestone passing the 3,000 mile mark on today’s tune up ride for Sunday’s Caloosahatchee River Ride, a Metric Century down the Caloosahatchee river watershed in support of the Caloosahatchee River Citizens Association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the river and its watershed.

Both Señor J and myself are looking forward to Sunday’s ride as it will bring a very welcomed change of scenery, using backroads to follow the river inland to LaBelle and back. Hopefully the weather cooperates, but so far it looks to be a blustery day which will make the first half of the ride quite challenging. Either way, it should provide plenty of fun as well and serve as a long tune up ride for the actual Century on December 11th.

We’ll continue to pile on the miles this month with another Metric Century the Sunday after Thanksgiving (got to work off that turkey). In fact, I may even be able to squeeze in another 1,000 miles before the year ends…note to self, add that to bucket list too.

So in honor of this little 3k milestone, lets revisit the old donut count. 3,000 miles would put me right about at Terrace, British Columbia, Canada….about 300 miles shy of Juneau, Alaska. The donut count is now up to 861.02 donuts burned, 156.29 gallons of gas saved, 1,671 TV’s powered, and 0.12 trips around the world. The more important count though is the weight loss which is right about 32 lbs lost and nearly 4″ lost in my waistline…. I need a good tailor as all my pants are too big…that or suspenders!

Route: Miromar-30
Ride Time: 1:43:12
Stopped Time: 19:51
Distance: 29.79 miles
Average: 17.32 mph
Fastest Speed: 27.95 mph
Ascent: 1121 feet
Descent: 1088 feet
Calories: 1665


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