Century Trek Blog Bikecast, Episode 5

Over 200 riders came out today to participate in the 2011 Caloosahatchee River Ride, a 10, 30, 40 mile or Metric Century ride down the Caloosahatchee river watershed in support of the Caloosahatchee River Citizens Association. The popular ride choice was the metric century down the picturesque and little traveled side roads towards La Belle. Headwinds splintered the riding groups early and often, as well as some rather rough roads which left us wondering if we were riding on the cobbles of the paris Roubaix (no wonder they are little traveled).

Overall, a fun ride for a good cause. Next up, the Iron Joe Turkey Ride on November 27. Another metric century before the real century ride on December 11th.

Route: 2011 Caloosahatchee River Ride
Ride Time: 3:23:53
Stopped Time: 23:20
Distance: 63.02 miles
Average: 18.55 mph
Fastest Speed: 27.84 mph
Ascent: 487 feet
Descent: 466 feet
Calories: 3623


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