The Shopping Zombie Within

This is my Black Friday, post shopping zombie, tryptophan induced windward airport assault grimace
What better way to burn off the gastronomic overindulgence of Thanksgiving than taking on Black Friday on bike. That’s exactly what Señor J and I did today. Our plan was a 40 mile tryptophan busting ride out to Coconut Point’s Trek store, to put a little hurt on our credit cards. Knowing the ride was going to be a wee bit more hazardous with all the bleary-eyed, zombie-like motorists meandering about, we broke out our high visibility kits and made it a point to observe all traffic signals (for a change), and headed out on our Black Friday quest.

All this sounded great on paper, and frankly, traffic really wasn’t all that bad…except when one approached a shopping center, as the motoring zombies would go into a credit card frenzy from the smell of all the sales nearby…but, the one thing we did not expect was for Mommy Nature to give us a good old ass whooping.

The actual ride out to Coconut Point was quick and uneventful. Once there all the fancy shiny gear on display woke the shopping zombies within us. We stared lustfully at the oh so sexy Madone 6’s trying desperately to fabricate a reason for needing one, only to be slapped in the face by reality after seeing their 11k price tags. With every item in the shop on sale, we were like kids in a candy store, but eventually we focused onto the things we really needed.

Señor J purchased numerous items including gloves, water bottles and many food and drink supplements. In fact he purchased too many items to carry on his bike. Luckily the fine folks at Trek were more than happy to hold it for him for pickup at a later date. I picked up a really sweet pair of cycling shoes to replace my Frankenstein-esque shoes which were slowly falling apart. Unfortunately they won’t be in until Monday as I had to have them in white.

Having satiated our inner shopping zombies appetite for discounted goods, we hopped back on our bikes and started our ride back home. This is where Mommy Nature decided to really work those Thanksgiving calories off us. When we started our ride there was an annoying 8 to 12 MPH wind from the east which didn’t favor us in either direction, but by now that annoying wind had graduated into “pain in the ass” status, now blowing at 18 MPH with gusts over 20 MPH. Our brains must have still been effected by last nights tryptophan overload as we both decided to tack on an airport loop to the ride…this meant an extend, unprotected, head on assault of gusty 20+ MPH winds.

What the hell were we thinking! That airport loop made our bikes feel as if we were dragging anchors behind us. Sure it’s good exercise, but brutal, as we spun our way around the airport loop at a “blistering”, low geared 14 MPH. After what seemed like eternal pedaling, we cleared the airport and made our way back onto Tree Line’s more wind friendly route, and eventually, home.

Our Black Friday conquest was a success. We scored some new gear, got in a great, although brutal ride, and most importantly burned off nearly 2,500 calories, which by Thanksgiving standards, was probably equivalent to a slice of pumpkin pie 😉

So Happy Black Friday folks. I hope all your shopping goals were met and your inner shopping zombies are at peace…if not Cyber Monday is just around the corner!

Route: Coconut-40 plus airport loop
Ride Time: 2:31:39
Stopped Time: 53:30
Distance: 43.51 miles
Average: 17.22 mph
Fastest Speed: 25.31 mph
Ascent: 365 feet
Descent: 404 feet
Calories: 2458


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