T Minus 7 Days and Counting

Storming down the boulevards on another Sunday morning Trek sponsored group ride.

With just seven days left before taking on our first century ride, Señor J and I have switched on our cycling radar attempting to gather as much information about the “Everyone Rides” event as possible. While on today’s Trek airport group ride, we spoke with many riders who attended last years event. The general consensus is that it’s a “hammer fest” with absolutely insane speeds as everyone tries to outdo Tommy Danielson of team Garmin Cervelo. We’ve been hearing stories of the lead group maintaining speeds in the high 30 MPH range easily finishing the entire 100 miles in under three hours! To put that in perspective, I’m always happy when I finish up a metric century (62 miles) in under three hours.

Competing against the “big guns” is not realistic, so our mindset is more focused on endurance, conservation of energy and maintaining a steady pace, after all this is not a race, although from the sound of it, it pretty much turns into one. The ultimate goal is to finish the course and enjoy the experience. Personally, I’ll be very pleased if I finish in under 5 hours, but that will depend on not only having a good solid riding group, but also the elements, as the winds can be pretty strong this time of year.

I think we are both mentally and physically ready to take on the 100 miles. I know I’m extremely excited/anxious, as it’s been a long time coming. We’ll probably go out just a few times this week to keep our legs limber and fresh. We’ll also give our bikes a good checkup, cleaning and greasing the day before as well as stock up on some energy bars and gels at the Trek store. We’ll be burning some serious calories out there so proper hydration and nutrition are also going to be extremely important. Last thing I want to do is bonk on my first century.

Route: Trek Airport Group Ride
Ride Time: 1:55:13
Stopped Time: 16:59
Distance: 37.64 miles
Average: 19.60 mph
Fastest Speed: 28.73 mph
Ascent: 178 feet
Descent: 178 feet
Calories: 1908


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