T Minus 2 Days and Freaking

Ready and well provisioned for the century.

Ok, maybe not freaking, but certainly anxious. It certainly didn’t help matters when I went to the Trek store to stock up on some gear yesterday and was reminded that Sunday’s ride is going to be a hammer-fest. Knowing that I have to ride my own race, I detailed my game plan and goal of a sub 6 hour ride to which the slightly pessimistic salesperson said, “wait till you hit that 70 mile wall”, followed by a reassuring, “just relax and have fun, you’ll be fine.”

Speaking of gear, my saddle bags and pockets will be brimming as one has to expect the unexpected on a long ride. Being fully SAG supported we’ll have plenty of food, drinks, nature break facilities and even mechanical assistance available at various locations as well as chase vehicle support, but you still have to be prepared, so my on bike gear is going to include the following…

  • 2 Water bottles, filled with slightly diluted Gatorade at the start.
  • 2 packets of Sustain Sport mix. I’m sure there will be plenty of sports drinks on hand at each SAG stop, but it’s a good idea to carry some mix just in case all that’s left is water.
  • 2 packets of Honey Stiger chews, my current favorites.
  • 2 packets of GU for some easy to eat and digest fuel.
  • 2 packets of GU Roctane just in case I need that extra kick around that infamous 70 mile wall.
  • 2 Nature Valley Trail Mix bars…still my favorite fruit and nut energy bar.
  • 2 packets of dznuts, 100 miles equates to a lot of time in the saddle, so a little extra chamois lube may come in handy to stop any hot spot flare ups.
  • 2 tire tubes as you never know when a flat will occur.
  • 2 CO2 cartridges and an inflation valve, one for each tube.
  • 2 tire irons…I never need more than one, but better safe than sorry.
  • a few packets of Wet Ones for post mechanical and general clean ups…btw these cut grease extremely well.
  • my wallet with cash, credit cards and my insurance card.
  • and lastly, my all important iPhone which will not only be a lifeline but also my cycling computer and camera/cam.

Surprisingly all that fits between my saddle bag and jersey pockets with room left over for the course notes, and whatever food I pick up at each SAG stop. I normally do not tend to eat on the bike during long rides, refueling instead at the SAG stops, but, as everyone tells me, nutrition and hydration are key points in completing a century ride, so I’ll definitely be following the cyclists mantra of “Eat before your hungry and drink before your thirsty.”

With two days left, Señor J and I continued our tapering, spinning an easy 36 miles down Tree Line and the Airport. We had a little scare near our turn around point at Germaine Arena when a dog rushed out and lunged at my bike nearly knocking me to the ground. I partially bunny-hopped the dog, but still managed to run him over with my rear wheel. The owner, who instead of walking him on a leash was letting him run free while following him in his SUV, was very apologetic. Luckily nothing serious happened to us or the dog, but I’m sure he’s going to be a bit sore.

Tomorrow will be a rest day as we head over to the Crown Plaza to sign in and pick up our race packets. Tommy D. will be there for a meet and greet as well as for lunch. He’s actually riding a metric century with cyclists who have raised at least a $100 for the event. I would have enjoyed that, but I had my doubts of doing a metric century followed by a full century…that’s 162 miles in two days! So instead I’ll give my bike a full cleaning and mechanical check, then relax to a nice carb heavy pasta dinner as I get into my “endless pedaling mind set.”

Finished Cycle: Dec 9, 2011 9:53:17 AM
Route: Miromar-30 + Airport Loop
Ride Time: 2:05:24
Stopped Time: 6:06
Distance: 36.65 miles
Average: 17.53 mph
Fastest Speed: 23.93 mph
Ascent: 242 feet
Descent: 243 feet
Calories: 2005


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