My three century cohorts (from left to right, Eddie, myself, Adam and Kathy).

Well it looks like I have to rename this blog, as I have successfully completed my first century ride. 100 miles in a day, 5:38:00 to be exact. Not a bad time for a first timer and well within the time goals I had set.

We started fast and furious as everyone was hyped to be riding with Tommy Danielson, a world class professional cyclist from team Garmin Cervelo, who just happened to be the top ten finisher (9th overal) and top placing American in the Last Tour de France, but eventually we came to our senses, especially when he upped the tempo, and settled into our own more realistically paced groups.

The group I was riding with fluctuated in size for a while, but eventually 4 of us teamed up to conquer the very windy 100 miles of asphalt and allowed me to check off the century ride from my cycling bucket list. A special thanks to Eddie, Adam and Kathy for sticking with me for the better part of 70 miles. Also big thanks and congrats are in order for Señor J too as he also notched a 100 under his belt.

Century Trek Bikecast 7 from Gabriel Pulido on Vimeo.

Route: Everyone Rides Century with Tommy Danielson
Ride Time: 5:38:00
Stopped Time: 28:16
Distance: 101.57 miles
Average: 18.03 mph
Fastest Speed: 25.95 mph
Ascent: 367 feet
Descent: 383 feet
Calories: 5977


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