What’s Next

Riding out the last few days of the year.
With the big goal of riding a century before years end now successfully off the bucket list, I’m looking forward to squeezing in at least a couple more personal cycling milestones before 2011 slips away.

I’m just 356 miles short of breaking 4,000 miles this year. It would be nice to break that barrier, but it may be tight as the Holiday Season has a tendency to fill up my calendar. Another welcomed milestone would be to have lost 35lbs in the year. I’m awfully close to that one too, but again, ’tis the season, and all those delicious cookies may make it very difficult. But difficulty is what makes reaching goals satisfying, so game on…set the clock to 17 days and counting.

The new year will bring plenty of new opportunities to continue to improve my fitness/cycling strength and endurance, as well as set many new goals, especially since we are in the middle of the peak event riding season here in Florida. I’ve already penciled in many centuries and metric centuries, as well as highlighting a couple of really big events including, Ragbrai, a six-day 468 mile ride across Iowa with over 10,000 riders, and BRAG, a seven day 400+ mile ride across Georgia. I’d love to check those off the bucket list some day.

But until then, you’ll find me cycling down the wide windy boulevards of SW Florida trying to hit those last few goals before 2011 becomes history.

Route: Miromar-30 + FGCU and Airport Loop
Ride Time: 2:15:49
Stopped Time: 30:25
Distance: 39.45 miles
Average: 17.43 mph
Fastest Speed: 31.90 mph
Ascent: 230 feet
Descent: 182 feet
Calories: 1900


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