Pre-Holiday Spin

Festive streetlights Disney style.
I woke this morning with a “Post-Disney Hangover” after spending a fun-filled day at Epcot and Disney Studios. Disney World is spectacular during the Holiday Season, in particular Disney Studios, as it features the breathtaking Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. Made up of 5 million plus lights,with over 10 miles of rope lighting connected by another 30 miles of extension cords all held together using two million ties, perfectly synchronized to your favorite holiday music.

The lights are so extensive you may find it hard to comprehend their magnitude. Entire buildings are blanketed in sheets of multi-colored lights, and thousands more lights form twirling carousels, heavenly angels, and even Santa and his reindeer. As if that wasn’t enough,the show is capped off with an enchanted flurry of snow! It’s a must do event so be sure to add it to your bucket list.

So with only 3 hours of sleep, I reluctantly rolled out of bed to squeeze a quick 40 mile spin with Señor J. Ok perhaps not that quick, as I had very tired Disney legs, officially turning the ride into a welcomed recovery ride.

Route: Miromar-30 + FGCU and Airport Loop
Ride Time: 2:30:24
Stopped Time: 11:56
Distance: 41.86 miles
Average: 16.70 mph
Fastest Speed: 28.09 mph
Ascent: 532 feet
Descent: 430 feet
Calories: 2218


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