Inspirational Humbling

Charging up the I75 overpass with the Caloosa Riders
While on our morning ride, we hooked up with a few riders from the Caloosa Riders club and turned our 2 man run into a fun group ride to Coconut Point. The folks from the cycling club were in recovery mode from the weeks rides, but we still maintained a comfortable clip in the low 20’s all the way to Panera Bread, the rides mid-point break.

Once there we sat down to some coffee, bagels and some spirited conversation. As it turns out, both Señor J and I were not only the young pups in the group, but also rookies…and in a big way too as these gentlemen, who are in their middle to late 60’s, log thousands of miles more a year on their bikes than we do. In fact one gentleman was breaking the 15k barrier…that’s more mileage than I put on my car in a year!

I was both humbled and inspired by these guys as they told us stories about riding Ragbrai, cycling in the mountains out west, and even doing a day ride to Key West…that’s a 300 plus mile ride from here! The lone female in the group really surprised us when she mentioned she had just turned 70. Talk about a jaw dropper…she did not look a day over 50.

There are so many elements that I love about cycling, but it really hit home today, as it is a sport that you can not only enjoy but also excel at, at all ages and phases of life. Hopefully someday I’ll be the one telling young pups stories of my cycling conquests.

On another note, today was Señor J’s last ride of 2011 as he and his lovely family are off to celebrate the Holidays abroad. We had them over for dinner tonight to celebrate our year in cycling as well as toast the New Year. All the best to you Señor J. May your Christmas be magical and full of cheer. Here’s to a high mileage 2012!

Route: Coconut-40
Ride Time: 2:07:59
Stopped Time: 1:01:46
Distance: 38.80 miles
Average: 18.19 mph
Fastest Speed: 25.89 mph
Ascent: 487 feet
Descent: 567 feet
Calories: 2038


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