Jack Frost nipping at your nose

Even the snowbirds avoided the beaches today
…and and toes and everything in between. Mommy Nature must have been hitting the eggnog last night as we went from unseasonably warm to outright cold overnight. This morning’s ride time temperature was in the high 40’s with a projected high of only 66°. Now before all you northerners break out your tiny violins, just try going out in lycra and riding against a 14-16 MPH wind in sub 50° weather. I can guarantee Jack Frost’s nip will not be pleasant.

Today’s ride was supposed to be a gentle, post metric century 40 mile recovery spin, but the combination of wind and cold made it quite a struggle, even with my full “winter regalia” of cycling gear on. I really wasn’t cold, as my Sugoi tights and Voler base layers work exceptionally well, but the windward return was extremely gusty making it very difficult to maintain a steady pace. Every wind gust made it feel as if I was doing intervals. Not a bad thing, per say, but definitely not welcomed on a recovery ride.

Tomorrow’s outlook is looking much better. Ten degrees warmer overall with much calmer winds. I’m still short 140 miles from the yearly goal with three days left of riding, so if the legs are up to it, I’ll stretch out the miles tomorrow.

Route: Coconut-40
Ride Time: 2:20:09
Stopped Time: 29:17
Distance: 38.29 miles
Average: 16.39 mph
Fastest Speed: 24.93 mph
Ascent: 355 feet
Descent: 352 feet
Calories: 2101


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