Four Thousand in 2011

Finally, 4,000 miles on the cyclocomputer
Well it was close, it took 676 miles in December, 249 in the last week alone including 3 metric centuries in 4 days, but I reached my last cycling goal of 2011, surpassing 4,000 miles in the year.

2011 was a great cycling year both overall and personally. In the big picture we saw a new, well deserved champion of the TDF in Cadel Evans as well as the return of pro cycling to the US with the US Pro Cycling Challenge in Colorado. Personally, the year was filled with many great highlights and firsts culminating in my first century ride, many metric centuries as well as the most miles I’ve ever ridden in a year, month and week.

Perhaps the best moment of 2011 was my cycling buddy Señor J regularly joining me in my, as he calls it, “cycling addiction”. Funny thing is he may be more addicted than I am. I also made many new cycling friends which I get to ride with regularly on organized group rides like the Sunday Trek Airport rides, as well as many anonymous friends who regularly take the time to read this little blog of mine.

Huge “thank you’s” are in order to my wonderful wife, son and even puppy as they allow me to pursue my addiction to two wheels, even if they think I’m a little crazy. Perhaps some day she might actually catch the riding bug and use that very pretty Trek Navigator 2.0 I bought her a few years back.

It wouldn’t be right to close the chapter on 2011 without visiting the old donut count, so here goes… the 4,006 miles ridden is equivalent to 1,169 donuts burned, 210.87 gallons of gas saved, 2,170 TV’s powered and 0.16 times around the world.

Adieu 2011. Thank you for 365 days of great memories and experiences on and off two wheels. I look forward to many more in 2012.

Happy New Year to all.

Route: Vanderbilt Beach Metric Century
Ride Time: 4:07:54
Stopped Time: 2:11:03
Distance: 70.02 miles
Average: 16.95 mph
Fastest Speed: 24.52 mph
Ascent: 291 feet
Descent: 378 feet
Calories: 4128


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