Pre Century Spin

Perfect morning for a 30 mile spin.

A quick spin today to keep the legs loose and the butt used to the saddle before Sunday’s 21st Annual Tour de Cape century ride. The event is Cape Coral’s premier sporting event spanning 3 days and includes a packet pick-up celebration tonight at Cape Harbour, followed by a 5k walk/run on Saturday and four cycling events of varying distances on Sunday. The projected turn out is estimated to be about 1,000 participants making this my biggest cycling event to date. With 21 years of history, it had better be big!

The 100 mile cycling route is extremely complex, zigging and zagging it’s way through the west and north sections of Cape Coral. It actually crosses itself on four occasions and has a couple of U turns and loops incorporated into it adding to the fun as you get to see more fellow riders at different points in the route. Best part is we will have the right of way at all major intersections as the Cape Coral Police will be directing traffic.

100 Mile route for the Tour de Cape

Unfortunately Señor J’s passing on this ride as he is still nursing that sore hamstring…no sense aggravating it. Young Pup will be joining me instead on this adventure. I’m sure we’ll find other familiar faces there too and form a good strong group. The miles go by much faster when you have the support of others…the endless chit chat helps too.

I’ve already stocked up on all my on bike nutrition including my favorite Honey Stingers chews and waffles, as well as some GU gels…a little side note here, although the GU gels work great and really don’t taste bad, I just can’t handle the texture which can be best described as heavy cake frosting…you know, the frosting you always scrape to the side of the plate to get to the cake. I much prefer the thick syrupy texture of the gels from Power Bar, but they don’t give quite the kick the GU gels do, especially the GU Roctane gels. Regardless though, the event will have 4 well stocked SAG stops, rolling SAG support and will feed us breakfast and lunch!

I have another light spin scheduled for tomorrow morning with Señor J and Young Pup. Afterwards I’ll give the bike a good cleaning and greasing, followed by a lot of rest, football and carbo loading.

Route: Miromar-30
Ride Time: 2:07:58
Stopped Time: 1:33:00
Distance: 33.75 miles
Average: 15.82 mph
Fastest Speed: 21.71 mph
Ascent: 826 feet
Descent: 839 feet
Calories: 1877

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