Easy Spin, Hunger Walks and Shrilly Cheerleaders

Woooooo Whooooooo go walkers!!!!
It was a picture perfect morning to get in one last 30 mile spin before tomorrow’s big 100 mile ride at the Tour de Cape. As always, I’m a bit anxious/excited about tomorrow’s ride especially with it’s meandering course across Cape Coral. It’s not the distance, but the unknowns that always get my mind racing. For starters, I’m not familiar with the cape at all, which means I’ll be relying on the other riders, as well as whatever course markings present, to stay on course. Sure I have a course map, but you know how us guys are with maps.

Also of concern is not knowing who will be there as there hasn’t been much chatter in my normal cycling circles about this ride, odd, especially considering the size of the event. Sure Young Pup will be there, but my trusty sidekick, Señor J will not, as well as my two Canadian cycling friends Bill & Ben. I’m sure the two of us will run into many cycling friends during the pre-race brunch and form a good group right from the get go, but not knowing who is always a little unsettling.

Our easy spin today took us out to Miromar where we ran into a huge amount of activity. Not knowing what it was we just continued on and stopped inside Miromar to take a little break. No sooner had we sat down, a huge surge of people came walking by, cheered on by a very, very, did I say very, loud woman using a megaphone. It was exciting seeing so many people of all ages, some with strollers, some with pets, file by our bench in the sun. They all had huge smiles on their faces as they marched by enjoying the event, but the constant shrilly “wooooooo whooooo” from the extremely loud cheerleader was just driving Señor J and I bonkers.

At the first sign of a gap in the flow of participants, we snatched up our gear and bikes and made a quick beeline out of Miromar, back to the more calming noises of open road cycling. By the way, as it turns out, the event was a Hunger Walk for the Harry Chapin Food Bank, a great cause to help feed the needy. It’s always great to see lots of participation for charities, especially in this rotten economy of ours.

So, the bikes been cleaned, greased and lubed. She’s mechanically sound and ready to take on the Tour de Cape tomorrow. As for me, I’m about to kick back and watch some TV, afterwards it’s time to whip up some carb rich pasta and get a good nights rest.

Oh one last thing…Congrats to Señor J as he ticked over 2,000 miles on his bike. Way to go my friend….Woooooooooo Whooooooooo! LOL!

Route: Miromar-30
Ride Time: 2:07:58
Stopped Time: 1:33:00
Distance: 33.75 miles
Average: 15.82 mph
Fastest Speed: 21.71 mph
Ascent: 826 feet
Descent: 839 feet
Calories: 1877


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