Return of the Trek Hammer Fest

While at the Trek store in Estero yesterday, Gina, one of the specialists, casually reminded both Señor J and myself that it had been quite a while since we last joined them on their Sunday morning airport hammer fests, er I mean group ride. If memory serves me, the last time we rode with them was before Christmas. We really were long overdue, and frankly we both missed those hell-bent sprints into the always windy airport loop. So we made it a point to join them this morning.

Mid pack shot of the front and back halves of our dual pace lines.

It was good to see all the old friendly faces of the Trek group. They were genuinely as glad to see us back with them as we were to be there. The full compliment of regulars wasn’t present though, as many of the Naples riders chose to participate in the Moe’s cycling event instead, but we were still about twenty-something strong, more than enough to have a good ride. There were some new faces as well as a first time rider too.

The ride was the typical 10 mile 21 MPH warm up to the airport turn off followed by the unlimited pedal mashing madness at the airport loop. This time though only two distinct groups formed with not much of a break between them. I’m not quite sure if the A group was AWOL or slower than normal as they were really not able to pull away from our B group. We’ll never really know the answer as the B group decided to bypass the terminal loop making any head to head comparisons impossible. I’m just going to chalk it up to the B group being especially strong today.

As usual, the back side of the airport loop was a frikin wind tunnel. It’s uncanny that no matter what the wind direction is at the start of these airport group rides, we always end up battling significant headwinds throughout all of the airport loop. Luckily both groups were large enough to maintain quick paces in the loop and no one was dropped there…for a change.

The two groups reunited on Tree Line at the “impossibly long light that only stays green for 15 seconds” at the Daniels intersection. With strong tail winds, the return ride was frantic. We split again at the light on Alico, as the pace line was too long to safely go through under green, which was basically the difference in final ride time between the two groups.

It really was great blasting down the boulevards with the Trek group. I’ve no idea why we stopped going, but I’m making it a point not to miss them from here on out.

Route: Trek Airport Group Ride
Ride Time: 1:40:31
Stopped Time: 5:42
Distance: 33.57 miles
Average: 20.04 mph
Fastest Speed: 27.25 mph
Ascent: 91 feet
Descent: 96 feet
Calories: 1620


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