Bike Lane Idiocy

The following story is borrowed from Bicycling Magazine…

It’s a common dilemma for commuting cyclists—leave the bike lane to avoid certain doom, or hold your line no matter what may occur?

When NYC cyclist Casey Neistat was ticketed $50 for not riding in the bike lane, he first got angry.

Then he did what any HBO documentary filmmaker would do—he fired back with a short slapstick video crash-testing the many perils faced in the bike lane. Watch a helmetless Neistat run head-on into trash cans, traffic cones, and parked cars to demand a refund and prove what many of us already know: It’s not actually illegal to leave the bike lane for safety reasons.

Route: Miromar-30
Ride Time: 1:38:39
Stopped Time: 40:33
Distance: 29.84 miles
Average: 18.15 mph
Fastest Speed: 26.90 mph
Ascent: 152 feet
Descent: 182 feet
Calories: 1581


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