Not too Shabby

With little to no wind, today's ride turned out to be exceptionally fast with speeds surpassing 30 MPH

Super Bowl Sunday has finally arrived, and what better way to officially kick off the festivities than another Trek “hammer fest” airport group ride before the Giants and the Pats go at it in Indy.

Today’s turnout was great, about 40 riders in all. The speedy Naples contingent was there, as well as all the familiar faces from past rides. There was even a C group with quite a few first time riders. Luckily they were spared the all out blitz at the airport as Karen from Trek kept them far back from the rest of us crazies.

The pre airport warm up was the normal 10 mile long, 21 MPH cruise up Three Oaks and Tree Line. As always it was full of clicking gears, idle banter and belly laughs…you’d be surprised what cyclists chat about on a ride, I’ll make it a point to write about it some day.

With no appreciable headwind, the entire group put the hammer down, blasting it’s way up to the airport departure terminal. The A group only managed to squeeze out a 50 meter lead from the rest of us on the lead up to the terminal climb, but craftily used the downhill portion to widen the gap…gravity is always your friend when traveling down hill. By the time they reached the turn to the airport’s back side, the lead had opened up to about 200 meters. That lead further opened up when our group momentarily slowed down to allow a coupe of stragglers to rejoin us.

With the A group still within a bridgeable gap I decided to take charge of our group calling for an increase in speed to chase down the leaders. My legs were extremely fresh and had plenty of go in them, so I took over the pulling duty and ramped the speed up. Happily the group was willing and stayed tucked in behind me.

With a little help of a stoplight, we ended up catching the A group at the Daniels crossing. I think this was the first time that the majority of the original starting group was intact this far into the ride. In fact, by the time we navigated our way through the Gateway neighborhood and back onto Tree Line, our group numbers swelled up significantly as we merged with another large pack of cyclists from another velo club.

The return dash back to Coconut point was extremely fast as speeds rarely dipped below 26 MPH. I knew we were cruising at a good clip the entire time, but I had no idea what the actual speeds were as I left my cyclocomputer off the bike….I swapped ou the batteries late last night but did not reprogram the unit. An after ride Panera Bread break gave me the opportunity to review the rides data. As expected, ride speeds were very high with an over all average of 21.08 MPH and top speed of 29.91 MPH. Not too shabby.

Route: Trek Airport Group Ride
Ride Time: 1:44:09
Stopped Time: 19:27
Distance: 36.59 miles
Average: 21.08 mph
Fastest Speed: 29.91 mph
Ascent: 221 feet
Descent: 220 feet
Calories: 1634


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