It’s Century Time Again

I was checking my ride calendar last night and realized that another century ride has quickly snuck up on me. This time it’s the 14th Annual Royal Palm Classic, sponsored by our friends at the Caloosa Riders. I’m not exactly sure how this one slipped my radar, but luckily I’ve been putting on some good consistant miles since the last century ride, so hopefully I should be pretty well prepared.

Speaking of the Caloosa Riders, today Señor J and I joined them out at Buckingham Park for a spirited 43 mile route through the pastoral Orange River Loop known as the Greenbrier Ride. Unlike last weeks I Like IKE ride, which wound serpentine-like on rather rough roads through a multitude of featureless neighborhoods, this new route was on very smooth, little traveled roads through the very picturesque (think old deep south) Orange River area. It’s been a while since I was really able to enjoy the scenery on a ride, it’s just a shame the weather didn’t cooperate much as it was gray with intermittent drizzles plus a quickly intensifying wind from the approaching front (the wind increased from 5 MPH at the start to dead on headwinds in the 15 MPH range by rides end).

It was a fast paced, highly enjoyable ride with our new friends, and a great tune up for next weeks Royal Palm classic.

Future roadies?

Afterwards, I packed up the family and headed out to meet up with friends for some playtime and relaxing bike riding at Lakes Regional Park. We brought bikes for the little ones and rented a surrey bike for the big kids (AKA us). Curiously, I think I worked harder pedaling that four person monstrosity around the park than on today’s nearly 50 mile ride, especially once I realized the only person actually pedaling was me! But hey, it was still a great time at the park with good friends, watching the kids tear around the park hitting very respectable speeds on their oh so cool training wheeled bikes.

Route: Greenbrier Ride
Ride Time: 2:40:37
Stopped Time: 1:15:52
Distance: 48.70 miles
Average: 18.19 mph
Fastest Speed: 24.87 mph
Ascent: 441 feet
Descent: 442 feet
Calories: 2944


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