Hey, what about us guys?

Time to save the manjigglies...introducing the Near Naked Man Skinsuit.

With my wife, son and their friends about to take part in tomorrow’s Susan G Komen Race for the Cure, I was thinking, “hey, what about us guys?” Sure we all need to do our part to help save the tata’s, but guys also have their unique medical maladies too.

Take for example prostate cancer and testicular cancer, two seriously dangerous diseases which, like breast cancer, can be diagnosed early and managed successfully through the proper education of the public.

We all know how wide spread, popular and successful the breast cancer campaigns have been. The media channels are ripe with information about breast self exams (BSE), clinical breast exams (CBE), mammograms and MRI’s. We all relate the color pink (with all do respects to Mary Kay) as well as twisted ribbons to the fight against breast cancer. Many huge organizations like Susan G Komen raise millions of dollars to support their cause involving people from all walks of life to partake in a multitude of activities. But, again….what about us guys.

There seems to be taboo surrounding our maladies. Information is not wide spread and is often only found in clinical settings. You never see large flamboyant campaigns to help save the family jewels. Nor is there any unique marketing such as a color, slogan or ribbon to promote the cause….that is until now!

The UK based Male Cancer Awareness Campaign (MCAC), is a charity devoted to educating men about prostate, bowel, and testicular cancer. Their aim is to raise awareness of men’s cancer and reduce the embarrassment associated with it. Recently they developed a very unique way to focus the publics attention, using the parts of the male body where the sun usually doesn’t shine…I give you the Near Naked Man skinsuit.

What better way to reach out to people than to bare it all, well almost. The skinsuit came about after a man attempted to walk the length of the UK naked. He was arrested in nearly every town he passed through generating huge amounts of press. Charity officials were inspired by the amount of attention he garnered, and the Near Naked Man was born. The suit debuted that summer when seven charity members rode 600 miles to the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s global cancer summit in Ireland… needless to say with plenty of claps, cheers, and horn beeps along the way.

Mr. testical.

If you want your own suit, be warned: The skinsuits are not simply for sale. Wearers must earn the suits by participating in a “Balls Out Challenge” of their choosing, which include everything from participating in a charity ride to running a marathon while wearing the group’s Mr. Testicles costume. The most popular option, however, is “Challenge Yourself,” where participants can dream up their own epic event. Through these challenges, each suit raises an average of $1,500 and generates awareness for men’s cancers.

The ultimate vision for the Near Naked Man promotion is to have an army of Near Naked riders. Quite an impressive site if you think about it. So lets all make a concentrated effort to break all the taboos about our man bits and go out and help save the balls, nuts, plums, rocks, bollocks, nads, gonads, sack, nuggets, Cracker Jacks, stones, kerbangers, marbles, tenders, cullions, bells, pelotas, nutsack, bollocks, family jewels, gems, cojones, junk, package, manjigglies, los compañeros, Man tonsils, Knackers, Cods, love spuds, hanging brain, ornaments, huevos, or whatever else you may want to call them!

Route: Cocounut-40
Ride Time: 2:11:33
Stopped Time: 55:42
Distance: 38.29 miles
Average: 17.46 mph
Fastest Speed: 25.39 mph
Ascent: 1463 feet
Descent: 1423 feet
Calories: 2160


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