A Sea of Pink

Pink overload today in Estero

There was an explosion of pink today as many thousands of people of all ages took part in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure. Today’s event was a 5k (that’s three miles for the metrically impaired) race/walk to raise funds and awareness for the fight against breast cancer. My wife, son and their friends joined the seemingly endless mass of pink covered revelers as they ran, walked, and rolled their way around Coconut Point in Estero.

Now before anyone gets all political on me about the recent brouhaha which erupted around some less than favorable choices by the Susan G Komen organization, please remember that they do make a very positive impact in the war against breast cancer. For example, look at the record of the Southwest Florida affiliate…

75% of all net donations raised stay in Southwest Florida and fund education, screening and treatment programs.

In 2011 Komen SWFL put over $ 1 Million Dollars back into the local SW Florida area. A total of $4.7 million dollars have been put back into the local area since 2002 to fund grants that would have gone unfunded without their support. Grants equal life to someone who receives the benefits.

25% of all net donations raised are used for research. Komen is the largest source of non-governmental breast cancer research funds and community grants in the world.

Komen has granted over 200% more in breast cancer research grants than any other non-profit in the US year over year and continues to do so today.

Komen has a 4 star rating from http://www.CharityNavigator.org for the 5th year in a row. Charity Navigator rates all US non-profits and Komen has earned their highest award. Very Low expense ratio = Highly effective use of funds.

Zero dollars from our local area are sent to the Komen corporate office for anything other than research grants. They raise their own money to cover their own administrative costs and overhead.

Komen receives zero funds from any level of government – They have accomplished what they have because of generous supporters and corporate sponsors.

Team Ta-Ta

Sure there are other organizations which one can choose to support, but very few are in the same league as the Komen organization, and none are perfect. Bottom line is the Komen organization makes a difference and you have a great time helping to fight the cause.

Congrats to my wife, son and the rest of team “Ta-Ta” for taking part in today’s event as well as all the thousands of other pink warriors that participated. As for me, I was the official cheerleader of team Ta-Ta as well as all the other revelers there. The enthusiasm and feel good nature of the event was infectious.

Get out, participate and help make a difference. You’ll be glad you did.

Route: Ride back from Coconut Point
Ride Time: 1:25:26
Stopped Time: 3:36
Distance: 22.97 miles
Average: 16.13 mph
Fastest Speed: 37.84 mph
Ascent: 234 feet
Descent: 219 feet
Calories: 1350


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