Will it Go Round in Circles

Here are some videos from last weeks ride of Lou Tortola’s Roundtail. For those not familiar with the Roundtail bike, it’s a revolutionary design which removes the standard seat stay, chain stay and seat tube of the typical diamond-shaped bike design, replacing it with two parallel rings supporting the weight of the rider resulting in a compliant ride while maintaining lateral stiffness.



Be sure to check out all the Roundtail models at www.roundtail.ca or see it in action, as well as everyone’s reaction to it on Lou’s YouTube channel.

A fun challenging ride today with a welcomed tailwind the first half and a rather aggressive headwind on the homeward leg. It’s always a pleasure to be on a bike, especially early in the morning where you get treated to a spectacular SW Florida sunrise. Best part though is making new friends while out on the road. Do yourself a favor this Easter Weekend, dust off that old bike in the garage, and go out and ride.

Happy Easter!

Route: Coconut-40
Ride Time: 2:10:56
Stopped Time: 11:47
Distance: 37.69 miles
Average: 17.27 mph
Fastest Speed: 24.69 mph
Ascent: 378 feet
Descent: 496 feet
Calories: 2237


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